Water Technology (3rd edition)
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8. Water Quality and Regulation

New Links:

Melbourne Water
Melbourne Water is one of Australia’s largest water authorities and is owned by the Victoria State Government. It manages
Melbourne’s water resources, supplies drinking water and treats wastewater.  This web site gives a unique and interactive overview
of the complexity of managing the human water cycle and provides an enormous amount of detail on their activities including reports
and other downloads.  Regulation and legislation in Australia are explained. The web site provides a fascinating insight of how water
scarcity is being addressed.

Existing links:

Water Services Regulation Authority
Ofwat is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage sectors in England and Wales.  Details can be accessed on pricing
structure and trends, competition in the water industry and also on sustainability, demand and conservation.

Environment Agency
Access to the EA’s enormous and informative website.  Links to flood control and prevention, droughts, pollution and regulation,
climate change, waste and recycling, sectoral regulation, legislation, enforcement and much more.

Access to all European law and regulations including all EU Environment and water-related Directives. Link

EU Legislation
Access to all water related EU Directives and legislation. Link

Water Information System for Europe is the portal for all EU water information including details on River Basin Management Plans
which can be accessed via this site.  A huge and informative database that covers each of the 25 Member States. Numerous maps
dealing will all aspects of water resources, use and disposal.

USEPA Water Quality Handbook
This is the downloadable version of the USEPA  Water Quality Handbook, 2nd edition released in June 2007.  Contains a wealth of
information on the development of use based water criteria, the development of standards and a water quality based approach to
pollution control.

USEPA Office of Water
One of the most extensive and informative water websites available dealing with all aspects of regulation, policy and standards. Link

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