Water Technology (3rd edition)
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7. Water Basin Management

New links:
USEPA Sustainable Water Infrastructure Policy
US EPA has announced a new national policy to deal with its aging water infrastructure.  The Clean Water and Drinking Water
Infrastructure Sustainability Policy is  part of its efforts to promote sustainable infrastructure within the water sector.The policy intends
to upgrade systems using a range of sustainable (SUDS)  options that will be able to deal with the potential storm water issues
caused by climate change as well replacing aging systems.

Inland Fisheries Ireland
Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) was formed on July 1, 2010 following the amalgamation of the Central Fisheries Board and the seven
former Regional Fisheries Boards into a single agency.  Inland Fisheries Ireland is responsible for the protection, management and
conservation of the inland fisheries resource across the country. Ireland has over 70,000 kilometres of rivers and streams and
144,000 hectares of lakes all of which fall under the jurisdiction of IFI. The agency is also responsible for sea angling in Ireland.

Existing links:

Water Framework Detective
The official EU site giving full background and details of the WFD with links to countries and all River Basin Districts.  Part of the
Water Information System for Europe (WISE).

The EU Water Information System for Europe is the hub for all water data in European Member States which can be accessed via
zoomable maps on a wide range of data.  It also provides valuable links to European and National sites for a wide range of water
related themes

European WFD Sites
This site provides a direct link  to all WFD sites in European Member States. Link

River Restoration Organization
USA based company specializing in river restoration. Useful selection of case studies. Link

The River Restoration Centre
A professional body that collates and disseminates information and practical experience on river restoration. Wide range of support
material including case studies and reports.

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRCA) a leading research group has produce a number of key
reports and manuals on the application of sustainable drainage technologies. Includes a number of case studies.

British Geological Survey – Floods
Flood home page dealing with risk assessment and many geological aspects of floods including detailed analysis of the July 2007
and more recent flood events including remarkable images.

Defra - Flood Management
Home page for the UK Government site on flooding.  Access to a wide range of research, reports, vulnerability maps and much
more.  Including access to Making Space for Water strategy.

Environment Agency - SUDS
Home page of the EA SUDS initiative dealing with techniques, research, policy and guidance. Link

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