Water Technology (3rd edition)
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3. Factors Determining the Distribution of Animals and Plants in Freshwater

New links:
IMO-Control of Invasive species and pathogens via Ballast Water
There is now a large body of evidence that both invasive species and pathogens can be transferred by ballast water between ports.  
This is the website of the GEF/UNDP/IMO Global Ballast Water Management Programme (GloBallast) which supported by
International Maritime Organization looks at the evidence and up to date research and international regulations concerning ballast
water treatment and management. The site provides numerous technical reports and guidelines that can be downloaded.

Existing links:

Aquatic Invasions
Aquatic Invasions is an open access online journal published on behalf of the International Association of Theoretical and Applied
Limnology (SIL) Working Group on Aquatic Invasive Species (WGAIS). It focuses on biological invasions in inland and coastal waters
of Europe, North America and other regions.

Invasive Species Ireland
An extensive site giving details of all invasive species in Ireland, including their distribution, effects, images and useful detailed
identification sheets for each species.  Also are details of action and management plans and other reports and links.

GB Non-Native Species Secretariat
UK invasive species web site full of details of all alien species in the country, includes gallery, species identification sheets and
details, risk assessment, policy and strategy information, loads of management advice and much more.

Real time water quality
This site provided by the US Geological Survey provides real time data on a wide range of water quality parameters including
temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, turbidity and conductivity.  Discharge data is also given for over 1300 sites nationwide.  
Access to related links on water quality including USGS technical reports.

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