Water Technology (3rd edition)
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23. Sustainability Principles in Water Management

New links:

Water Disclosure Project - Corporate Water Use Statistics
The Carbon Disclosure project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organization that collates greenhouse gas emissions and
climate change strategies of the world’s leading corporate bodies.  They have just published the CDP Water Disclosure 2010 Global
Report on line in which water use by the worlds leading corporate bodies is listed and explored.

Fog Harvesting for Drinking Water
FogQuest are a  Canadian charity who help to design and implement rainwater collection systems and in particular fog harvesting
nets.  Fog collectors are now widely used in highland and coastal areas where water is scarce.   Their simplicity and low cost make
them an ideal water harvesting system. The website provides a detailed insight into this sustainable technology with videos and
details of a wide range of projects. There is also a downloadable newsletter.

Water Diaries
Water diaries are increasingly used as part of water demand management to help people to identify how much water they use and
where they can make savings.  An exceptional  site is that run by the University of Sheffield called Water Amnesty.  

The water diary is filled in over a period of week and is self explanatory. It can be kept on paper, on-line or even on your iPhone. Link

Existing links:

UN Millennium Development Goals
In September 2000 the United Nations adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration committing their nations to a new global
partnership to reduce extreme poverty by 2015 and setting out a series of targets that have become known as the Millennium
Development Goals.

UNEP page dealing with the WiseWater initiative to develop sustainable water use policies and actions.  Includes downloads of main
handbook, EXCEL water consumption models and other publications. Very user friendly documentation and models with wide

Climate change
Water UK represents all the UK water and wastewater suppliers at national and European level.  It provides a framework for the
industry to interact with Governments and well as stakeholders.  The site provides details of how the industry is dealing and also
perceiving the problem of climate change.

US EPA - Water Security
This EPA website provides resources for water utilities to carry out vulnerability assessments of their water supply system and to
design  security and emergency response plans.

US Greenhouse Gas Inventory
The US EPA constantly revise and update their inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.  This includes all sectors and gives details of
how emissions are calculated.

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