Water Technology (3rd edition)
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19. Anaerobic Treatment

Existing links:

Anaerobic digestion
A very comprehensive and useful independent site for all aspects of anaerobic digestion including  case studies and reports. Link

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
A useful  report by John Balsam reviewing the application of anaerobic digestion in the treatment of various agricultural and animal
wastes. The service is part of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (http://www.ncat.org/) funded by the US Department of
Agriculture.  Both organizations provide a wealth of information about sustainable technologies including anaerobic processes for
energy generation.

Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland)
A useful factsheet about anaerobic digestion and its application in Ireland. Link

Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources (Ireland)
A feasibility study, commissioned by the Irish Government, on the benefits of anaerobic digestion to all sectors of the Irish economy.

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