Water Technology (3rd edition)
Existing and New Links
18. Natural Treatment Systems

New links:

The Constructed Wetlands Association
The CWA is a professional organization that represents all those interested in design, constructing or researching in constructed
wetlands.  Set up by some of the early researchers in the field such as Paul Cooper from WRc in 1999.  It runs CPD courses,
meetings, conferences as well as accreditation for those who want a career in this popular area.  It also has a very useful website with
a wide range of online resources.  

Existing links:

WCI Pollution Control
A private company supplying small treatment systems including reed beds.  Some interesting case studies and images. Link

Defra  Science and Research Report
A review of ‘soft engineering’ techniques for on-farm bioremediation of diffuse and point sources of pollution. This report provides a
literature review on the use of wetland and reed beds  for agricultural wastewaters.

UNEP Waste stabilization ponds and wetlands.
UNEP’s home page for these technologies including links to various publications including design guidelines and models. Link

Sanitation Blog
The very useful blog site of Professor Duncan Mara a world expert on third world sanitation and waste stabilization ponds. Full of
information and insight.

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