Water Technology (3rd edition)
Existing and New Links
12. Pathogens and Their Removal

New links:
IMO-Control of Invasive species and pathogens via Ballast Water
There is now a large body of evidence that both invasive species and pathogens can be transferred by ballast water between ports.  
This is the website of the GEF/UNDP/IMO Global Ballast Water Management Programme (GloBallast) which supported by
International Maritime Organization looks at the evidence and up to date research and international regulations concerning ballast
water treatment and management. The site provides numerous technical reports and guidelines that can be downloaded.

Existing links:
World Health Organization – Drinking Water Quality
Perhaps the most useful site on drinking water providing access to the most recent WHO drinking water guidelines and information
on every aspect of quality and treatment. Special attention given to household and small community water supplies. Many useful
downloadable fact sheets, reports and training manuals.

National Academy of Science
Very interactive site covering all aspects of water treatment and supply.  Excellent overview of the subject, ideal for student revision
and introductory purposes.  Has a very comprehensive glossary  and a very comprehensive set of maps showing global distribution
of everything to do with water from arsenic to watersheds.

Centres for Disease Control and Protection
US Government agencies responsible for advising the public and other agencies on all aspects of health including drinking water
quality. This site provides very useful and detailed information on all water related diseases.

Water Quality and Health Council        
This site gives provides useful insight into recent research and news concerning the treatment and provision of drinking water from
around the world. The site is operated by the Water Quality and Health Council which is an independent, multidisciplinary group
sponsored by the Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council.

Standing Committee of Analysts
In the UK the SCA, which comprises a series of working groups, [ provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and
analysis for determining the quality of environmental parameters including microbiology. Guidance is published as Blue Books
within the series Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Materials.

US EPA – Microbial  Source Tracking
This is a direct link to the EPA Microbial Source Tracking Guide.  This is a comprehensive document looking at the process of
identifying where microbial contamination, both diffuse and point sources, is arising within a water resource.

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