Water Technology (3rd edition)
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11. Drinking Water Contamination

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MesotheliomaSymptoms.com is an extensive database of information and resources to better understand the symptoms of
mesothelioma caused by the exposure to asbestos and the various aspects of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and many other
factors of survival.  Symptoms of mesothelioma usually do not appear for 20 to 50 years after asbestos exposure
. Link

Existing links:

World Health Organization – Drinking Water Quality
Perhaps the most useful site on drinking water providing access to the most recent WHO drinking water guidelines and information
on every aspect of quality and treatment. Special attention given to household and small community water supplies. Many useful
downloadable fact sheets, reports and training manuals.

Centres for Disease Control and Protection
US Government agencies responsible for advising the public and other agencies on all aspects of health including drinking water
quality.  This site provides access to information on all aspects of drinking water quality, provision of water in the US and bottled

Agency for Toxicity Substances and Disease Registry
The home site for ATSDR  which is a federal public health agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it provides
a unique information base on all inorganic and organic substances found in water. It provides a simple overview supported by
detailed links to a public health statement, toxicological profile, minimal risk levels and much more.  

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
This is a free advisory service for the general public provided by the water companies to offer advice on existing water byelaws and
regulations in the UK.  It also provides access to a wide range of regulations and reports as well as a chemical risk database, and
water fittings directory.

World Water Council
A major platform for the both the dissemination of information on the sustainable management and efficient use of water  and
discussion of  global water issues.  Excellent information base with access to World Water  Forum Reports.

Northern Ireland Water
Interesting site dealing with all the drinking water quality issues in Northern Ireland, including management and conservation.  All the
Water Companies have similar websites full of useful data and downloads.

Scottish Executive- Control of agricultural pollution
Access to an extensive Code of Practice prepared by the Scottish Executive on the Prevention of Environmental Pollution from
Agricultural Activity.  Details all agricultural pollutants, sources and methods of prevention of contaminating water resources.  

Fluoride Action Network - dental fluorosis
Details of the various classifications used to categorize dental fluorosis, including the Dean and the Thylstrup-Fejerskov indices.  
The site also has photographs showing the different levels of fluoroisis.   

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