Water Technology (3rd edition)
More Calculations and Exercises
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New calculations and exercises will be added from
time to time to help you extend and test your
knowledge and ability to deal with common problems.
  • Simple hydrobiological exercises 1: Dissolved oxygen, temperature and discharge rate Link

  • Simple hydrobiological exercises 2: River modelling, mass balance, water quality index Link

  • Volume-weighted means: Methodology and exercise Link  

  • Water diary:  Use the link to gain access to a remarkable water diary promoted by the University of Sheffield.  Use this dairy to calculate your daily water use.  
    Compare your results with friends/classmates and determine why there are differences in your water usage.  For example do male students use more or
    less water than female students?  How can the diary help you mange your water usage more efficiently and what measures can you take to reduce your
    water consumption.   Link
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